Bringing PalmOS Back

DicEngRus is the biggest and the most comprehensive English-Russian dictionary for Palm compatible pocket computers.



- English/Russian - Mueller7tr
Mueller's English-Russian dictionary 7th edition, 46000 words, with transcriptions, occupies 2373K of memory.
- English/Russian - Mueller24
Mueller's English-Russian dictionary 24th edition, 67000 words, without transcriptions, occupies 2828K of memory.
- English/Russian - Lingvo6 small
English-Russian dictionary from Lingvo6, 83700 words, occupies 2947K of memory.


- Palm compatible pocket computer with 8 megabytes of memory
- PalmOS 3.0 or newer
- Russian language support.
There are three programs that allow you to read and enter information in Russian: Papirus, PiLoc ( and CyrHack.

Download DicEngRus 1.7 - 8.6 Mb.